Peacock Tree Ornaments For a Lavish Christmas Decor

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Did you know that peacock tree ornaments offer a sophisticated look to your Christmas tree?  The different styles of peacock themed Christmas ornaments give a thrilling, breathtaking look to your holiday decor. They even bring in splendor into the room.

Different shades of peacock tree ornaments for a lavish decor

Hallmark 2016 Christmas Ornaments Pretty PeacockHallmark 2016 Christmas Ornaments Pretty PeacockThey’ll look amazing on your huge enormous round artificial tree. They’ll turn your slim artificial tree into a gem.

In addition, your shimmering Christmas baubles, figures, garlands and lights will make them literally stand out. So do not hesitate to pair your fir-tree with a reasonable number of these stunning bird tree ornaments.

Indeed, peacock Christmas tree ornaments make marvelous decorations. Yet, they are not simple ornamental items, they also make fantastic collectibles that you’ll be proud of.

Furthermore, these decorative elements aren’t just declined in shades of blue or turquoise. You can get these in a gradient of teal, purple, red, green, gold… You will even fall in love with white peacock Christmas ornaments or those declined in Christmas colors.


Feathered peacock Christmas ornaments

Let’s start our tour with feathered peacock Christmas ornaments. Surely, they look like real ones. The body of these birds is generally made out of mouth-blown glass, resin, hand painted wood, foam, glittered plastic, and other materials. But they all come with a feathered tail. These feathered peacock ornaments come with different means to be displayed on the tree. In fact, some are provided with a clip, others with a cord.

Beautiful Feathered Teal Peacock Ornament 13Beautiful Feathered Teal Peacock Ornament 13″Funky Peacock with Feather Tail Ornaments, 2 AssortedFunky Peacock with Feather Tail Ornaments, 2Kurt Adler 11 Flocked Feather Peacock OrnamentsKurt Adler 11″ Flocked Feather Peacock OrnamentsDe Carlini Green Peacock Multicolor Feathers Mouthblown OrnamentGreen Peacock Multicolor Feathers OrnamentSet of 2 Peacock Red Closed Tail Clip-On OrnamentsSet of 2 Peacock Red Closed Tail Clip-On OrnamentsKurt Adler 15.5 Feather Peacock Ornament - PinkKurt Adler 15.5″ Feather Peacock Ornament – Pink


Glass peacock Christmas ornaments

Next come the glass peacock Christmas ornaments for your tree.  In truth, you will love these delicate mouth-blown peacock glass ornaments. But you can fall for a simple glass decoration displaying its different shades of blue. Although they do not come with a feathered tail, they are as gorgeous as the real birds.  Moreover, the large variety of colors and shapes allow for a special bird Christmas tree theme.

Old World Christmas Glass Ornament Proud PeacockOld World Christmas Glass Ornament PeacockRAZ Imports - 66″ Glass Peacock Christmas Tree OrnamentRoyal Peacock Bird Glass Christmas Tree Ornament, 5 InchesRoyal Peacock Bird Glass Ornament, 5″Hand Crafted Glass Peacock Ornament or FigurineHand Crafted Glass Peacock Ornament Glass Decorative Peacock Ornament T1724 Kurt AdlerGlass Decorative Peacock Ornament Northlight Regal Peacock Collection Blue and Purple Glittered Glass Peacock Christmas Ornament, 4.25Blue and Purple Glass PeacockOrnament, 4.25″


Other dazzling peacock bird ornaments for Christmas trees

Peacock tree ornaments can be found in different materials. From glittered foam, painted and glittered acrylic, metalplated gold, to silver, to name a few. Yet, most do not proudly exhibit a feathered tail. But they all have that particular charm and elegance of the animal. They are generally available in packs of 6, 12 or 24 items. Large packs enable you to create a themed Christmas tree decor.

1111″ Peacock Glitter, Sequin and Bead Clip-On OrnamentChemArt 2.52.5″ Collectible Keepsakes Peacock Christmas OrnamentKurt Adler 1 Set 2 Assorted 3 Inch Peacock Christmas OrnamentsKurt Adler Set 2 – 3″ Peacock Christmas OrnamentsPersonalized Peacock OrnamentPersonalized Peacock OrnamentGold Tone and Enamel Green Peacock Ornament, 3 1/2 InchGold Tone and Enamel Green Peacock OrnamentHeirloom Quality Handcrafted Peacock Christmas OrnamentHandcrafted Peacock Christmas Ornament


Glass ball peacock tree ornaments

The beauty of bauble peacock ornaments is absolutely incredible. And you know that you need baubles to perfect your decor. Actually, the different shades of blue, turquoise, purple and/or green pop up agreeably. In reality, the blend of their different shades and touches of gold or silver makes for a lavish Christmas tree. The little plus is that they all can be hung right from the box as they are provided with strings or clips.

RAZ Imports - 4 inch Peacock Christmas Tree Ornaments - (Set of 2)RAZ Imports – 4 inch Peacock Christmas Tree Ornaments – (Set of 2)Northlight Regal Peacock Purple Blue and Gold Glittered Glass Finial Christmas Ornament, 5Northlight Regal Peacock Purple Blue and Gold Glittered Glass Finial Christmas Ornament, 544″ Peacock on a Branch Glass Ball Christmas OrnamentJAY STRONGWATER Peacock Oval Christmas OrnamentJAY STRONGWATER Peacock Oval Christmas OrnamentKurt Adler 80mm Glass Peacock Color Ball, Onion, Finail & Teardrop Ornaments 4/asstdKurt Adler 80mm Glass Peacock Color Ball, Onion, Finail & Teardrop Ornaments 4/asstdGolden Peacock Jeweled Egg Ornament by Joy to the WorldGolden Peacock Jeweled Egg Ornament by Joy to the World


Shatterproof Christmas ball peacock ornaments

If you’re looking for unbreakable decorating embellishmentsshatterproof balls are the ones you should buy. And peacock bauble tree ornaments are no different from others. They are also declined in resistant and unbreakable materials. In fact, they will resist to time and even to the vitality of your pets. Please note that the 125 ball pack is best suitable for big trees (at least 6 feet).

125-Piece Pack of Shatterproof Peacock Blue Ornaments125-Piece Pack of Shatterproof Peacock Blue Ornaments2-Piece Shatterproof Ornaments BluePeacock & Acrylic Diamond2-Piece Shatterproof Ornaments BluePeacock & Acrylic DiamondPeacock Blue & Green Shatterproof Onion & Ball OrnamentsPeacock Blue & Green Shatterproof Onion & Ball OrnamentsNorthlight Seasonal 100 Count Peacock Blue 3-Finish Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments, 2.5100 Count Peacock Blue 3-Finish Shatterproof Christmas Ball Ornaments


Christmas peacock tree toppers

Finish up your Christmas tree trimming with a peacock tree topper. These come in different designs. Which one has your preference? The delicate and charming retro looking star topper that comes in different colors? Or the classic finial blue topper made out of mouth-blown glass? Maybe the feathered peacock tree toppers made out of real feathers. All of them?

Kurt Adler 10-Point Peacock Glitter Treetop, 16-InchKurt Adler 10-Point Peacock Glitter Treetop, 16-Inch1515″ Regal Peacock Finial Tree Topper13Glass Starlight Peacock Retro Christmas Tree TopperChristmas Tree Topper - Peacock and Gold Christmas Tree Topper Bow - Holiday Decoration Bow - Handmade Bow - 12Peacock Christmas Tree Topper Bow HandmadeChristmas Tree Topper - Peacock Top Hat Tree Topper - Tree Topper Bow - Top Hat Centerpiece - Christmas Top Hat Decoration - *READY TO SHIP*Peacock Top Hat Tree Topper Bow


The secret of peacock tree ornaments is that they make you able to personalize your decor. With them you can easily create a stunning holiday display.

Is it a Peacock Christmas tree that you’re looking for?

Finding a peacock Christmas tree is not the easiest thing on Earth. Is a matter of fact there aren’t many different models or styles sold in stores. However, I found one that you will surely love and that will greatly highlight the beautiful and lavish peacock tree ornaments featured above.

7.5′ Artificial peacock Christmas tree with lights

Northlight Pre-Lit Shimmering Blue Green Peacock Color Theme Tinsel Christmas Tree, 7.5'Northlight Pre-Lit Shimmering Blue Green Peacock Color Theme Tinsel Christmas Tree, 7.5′


With this superb pretty high pre-lighted blue and green peacock Christmas tree in the sitting room, you’re sure you can’t go wrong. First of all the tree is quite high: 7.5 Ft or 230 CM/2.30 M. This makes for an outstanding focal point in the home. The tree comes with 750 blue and green tiny lights and up to 2132 tips. The base measures 72 inches/180 CM; it really looks like an upside down peacock tail! Given the base dimension, in case you plan on having a Christmas train riding around it, you might have to buy some additional tracks.

How to make a peacock Christmas tree easily

Another option is to turn, very easily and quickly a standard Christmas tree into a peacock one. This can be done using string lights. If you have a green tree, use dark blue lights and peacock tree ornaments. On the contrary, if you have a navy blue tree, then use green lights along with turquoise, blue and green decorations. Here you are: your homemade peacock Christmas tree is ready for the “wow” and “woah” the visitors will say when seeing it.




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