How To Make an Upcycled Mini Christmas Tree

upcycled mini Christmas tree

Upcycled mini Christmas tree for your table If you are fan of homemade pieces of art and fan of mini ornaments, then you are going to enjoy this Christmas craft tutorial. Here I’m about to show you how to make an upcycled mini Christmas tree for your office, your study… Continue reading

How To Make a Christmas Owl Ornament

How To Make a Christmas Owl Ornament

Tutorial to help you make a Christmas owl ornament Are you eager to make some Christmas crafts? Then you have come to the right place. Today we’re gonna make a Christmas owl ornament – or more if you like them. We all love to adorn the Christmas tree using tiny… Continue reading

How To Make a Christmas Train for Under the Tree

make a christmas train customize the locomotive

Beautiful Christmas trains for under the tree A holiday train riding around the tree on Christmas morning is something that adds a touch of cheerfulness to the room and enhances the time children spend in opening their gifts. It also reminds us from our own childhood and warms up our… Continue reading

How to Make Stained Glass Christmas Candle Holders

how to make stained glass candle holders for christmas

Christmas candles are extremely popular when it comes to the end of year holiday season. They’re certainly one of these festive decoratint items that we find by the dozens in each home. When lit, Christmas candles create special atmosphere to your rooms and they make the holiday season ambiance even… Continue reading

Crafts To Make Out Of Old Xmas Cards

Have some time to creatively spend these days? Then here are some crafts to make out of old Xmas cards. Almost everybody loves to display old Xmas cards during the holiday season and so preserve them in a box for later viewing. We have enjoyed creating diverse crafts from these… Continue reading