Christmas World’s Fair Collectibles For A Small Carnival

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Wonders of the Christmas fairs and carnivals

Christmas time is always filled with some of the most interesting surprises. The Christmas World’s Fair line of decorations makes for a number of fabulous options for Christmas decorations, especially for those that like to decorate in a traditional style.

The Christmas World’s Fair collectibles can add a nice glow to a room, especially if more than one is operating at the same time.

Mr. Christmas Animated World's Fair Grand Roller Coaster DecorationMr. Christmas Animated World’s Fair Grand Roller Coaster Decoration


They can be on the same shelf or scattered throughout the house; with their LEDs they can cast a glow wherever you need it to shine, allowing them to be used as a nightlight if need be or an accent light. They look nice alone, but can be used to create a miniature carnival. There are also enough different ones that a person can match the theme of any given room in the house.

The Christmas World’s Fair collectibles include

The Animated Musical Grand Ferris Wheel

Gold Label World's Fair Grand Roller CoasterGold Label World’s Fair Grand Roller Coaster


Ah the pleasure to have a trip on this wheel. If you’re not subject to vertigo, this can be one of the most agreeable activities to do on a fair. What a delight for the eyes to have such a sight on your town!

A replica of a classic Ferris wheel, it has twenty mini-gondolas around a star-shaped center. The wheel is a metal framework that comes with LED lights (white).

It plays fifteen classics as well as fifteen Christmas carols. Dimensions of this exquisite Ferris Wheel collectible are 7″ x 10″ x 15 1/4″. It also has an AC adapter and will work wonders with other World’s Fair collectibles.

Swing Carousel Music Box

Gold Label World's Fair Swing Carousel Music Box by Gold LabelGold Label World’s Fair Swing Carousel Music Box by Gold Label


A model of a carnival ride that swings its riders out above the fairway for an added thrill. This one is among my favorites as it enables me to revive my childhood’s fun.

The Swing Carousel Music Box has a wooden base with mirrors and lavish gold work, as well as playing a total of thirty songs, combining fifteen Christmas carols and fifteen year-round classics.

This superb carousel also comes with 96 LED lights. The addition of such a beautiful collectible will add a fairy touch to your end of year holiday decor.

Musical Parachute Ride

Gold Label World' Fair Platinum Edition Parachute RideGold Label World’ Fair Platinum Edition Parachute Ride


This ride features a gold-support column with five tiny red-and-white parachutes that rise and fall. It plays the standard mix of songs, allowing it to fit in with the other two.

The Musical Parachute Ride collectible measures 19″ height and plays 30 songs in total. Music is suitable for Christmas and other occasions.

This Musical Parachute Ride is also available in the Platinum Edition and comes with a blue dominant color.

Gold Label World’s Fair Boardwalk Carousel

Gold Label World's Fair Boardwalk CarouselGold Label World’s Fair Boardwalk Carousel


This is the classic boardwalk carousel featuring detailed railings with LEDs draped along the edge of the boardwalk.

Its songs play as it turns, with a total of fifty songs evenly split between Christmas carols and year-round classics. Among the songs that the Boardwalk Carousel collectible plays, you’ll be delighted to hear O Christmas Tree, Jingle Bells, Blue Danube and many other highly popular classic and holiday tunes.

This life-like boardwalk carousel meaures 7″ H x 15″ Diam, comes with adapter and is made out of plastic and metal materials.

You may want to take an eye to the Gold Label Platinum Edition Boardwalk Carousel before making a choice on which of these you like the most.

World’s Fair Frenzy Ride

Gold Label World's Fair Frenzy Ride, 10-1/2-InchGold Label World’s Fair Frenzy Ride, 10-1/2-Inch


A tilting ride easily found on any boardwalk, it features twenty-five Christmas carols as well as twenty-five favorites from around the year.

This Frenzy Ride collectible is quite big as it measures 105″ wide! It comes with adapter and is a great addition to your Christmas fair and village.

All Christmas World’s Fair items are scaled to match one another and come with an AC adapter. They are also available through Amazon Prime, allowing for a savings in shipping. This makes for an excellent excuse to start a miniature carnival, and have it ready by Christmas.

Complete your holiday fair

There are more items for you to choose from if you wish to complete your holiday fair. Your visitors will be surprised and delighted to see your wonderful Christmas arrangement.

Mr Christmas Gold Label World's Fair TurbineMr Christmas Gold Label World’s Fair TurbineMr. Christmas Gold Label World's Fair Big TopMr. Christmas Gold Label World’s Fair Big TopMr. Christmas World's Fair Animated Musical Carnival Frenzy RideMr. Christmas World’s Fair Animated Musical Carnival Frenzy RideGold Label World's Fair Biplane RideGold Label World’s Fair Biplane RideGold Label World's Fair Starship RideGold Label World’s Fair Starship RideGold Label World's Fair Carriage RaceGold Label World’s Fair Carriage RaceMr. Christmas Grand Jubilee Carousel LightMr. Christmas Grand Jubilee Carousel LightGold Label Mr. Christmas 16Gold Label Mr. Christmas 16


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