Baby Pacifier Ornaments for Christmas Tree

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There are many different baby themed decorations that you can use on the tree this year. Baby pacifier ornaments for Christmas trees are one of those.A variety of baby pacifier ornaments are available in stores.

Baby pacifier ornaments to celebrate a newborn in the family

Pacifiers are generally used as an alternative to the bottle when babies cry and are hungry before lunch time and they are able to keep them quiet. Baby pacifier ornaments are must have decorations on the tree this year, especially if you celebrate your baby’s 1st Christmas or if you’re grand parents for the first time. Collectors also enjoy this type of decorating items during the holidays.

These ornaments are also made of different materials and produced by many well-known brands. Some are even part of their yearly production of special ornaments for Christmas trees. Let’s take a look at what’s in store for the moment…

Mouth-blown glass Old World baby pacifier ornament

Baby Pacifier Ornaments - Old World Christmas Pacifier Baby Blue OrnamentOld World Christmas Pacifier Baby Blue Ornament


A cute old-fashioned baby pacifier ornament that’s been manufactured by Old World, the well-known Christmas ornament brand. It’s made of mouth-blown glass and adorned with glitter accents. As Old World creations, the ornament is painted by hand. Its 3″ tall and makes a fantastic gift for new parents or a Christmas ornament collector.

Polyresin personalized pacifier tree ornament



Some baby pacifier ornaments for Christmas trees can be personalized. This is the case for the polyresin decoration featured here. There are two options that you can choose from – you order the kit and do it yourself or you order the customized for you version.

Swarovski crystal and metal pacifier ornament

Baby Pacifier Silver Platd Swarovski Crystal Ornament BBaby Pacifier Silver Platd Swarovski Crystal Ornament


A fine silver plated baby pacifier ornament for Christmas tree that comes with blue Swarowski crystal. Ideal to celebrate a baby boy’s first Christmas. Dimension: 3.2″ x 3.1″ x 3.1″. A pale rose version is available for baby girls and you can find it on as well.

Glass pacifier tree decorations for twin babies

Baby Pacifier Ornament, Assorted of 2Baby Pacifier Ornament, Assorted of 2


In case there are new parents of twins on your Christmas gift list or you’re looking for pacifier ornaments for yourself because you have a baby boy and a baby girl, then this set is for you. It comes with 2 pacifier ornaments, one pink and one blue. Each pacifier measures 2.75″. These are made of glass and hand painted.

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