Holiday Express Animated Electric Train Set

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The Holiday Express Animated Electric Train is such a cute decorative item for under the tree. Isn’t it? Now you can too have such an adorable joyful little electric train riding around the Christmas tree.

Cute Santa train riding around the tree

The Holiday Express Animated Electric train is a decoration that will make your Christmas tree look as fairy as those you see in stores. As said earlier I’m fond of Christmas trains for under the tree. And you will certainly agree that there is nothing as enjoyable as watching a red and green train riding around the tree on Christmas day.

Holiday Express Animated Electric Train - New Bright Large Scale Holiday Express Train SetNew Bright Large Scale Holiday Express Train Set


The train is described as suitable for kids from 10 years old and more. However it looks more like a Christmas train for under the tree than an actual toy. Let’s take a closer look at this exquisite end of year holiday decoration.

Holiday Express Animated Electric Train features

This is a ready-to-run train that is conceived for placement around the Christmas tree. It comes with 9″ straight tracks and 12″ curved ones so as to form a 50″ x 70″ oval. This is a pretty large train set. With such figures this decorative item can be placed beneath the Christmas tree for the kids to enjoy seeing it riding around.

The train set includes the following elements:

  • A steam locomotive,
  • A wood tender,
  • A candy pump car,
  • A caboose,
  • Black and gold looking tracks,
  • A transformer.

Don’t think that, because the element list is quite short that this item isn’t especially made for the holiday. Actually, the whole train is decked out with holiday ornaments that can be moved.

The old-fashioned locomotive is painted tan, green and beige (with some gold accents). It features a joyful Santa as train conductor and one elf. Bells and ribbons complete the locomotive festive look.

On the red tender car, one can see a Christmas tree topped with a star as well as a bunch of toys. These are the gifts Santa is about to deliver to wise kids. The candy pump car is decorated with green, white and red colors. In it, you can look at the two elves that are working a pump. The passenger car is red and green and features a “Santa’s Toy Shop” sign. Elves are sorting the gifts on the platform.

The Holiday Express Animated Electric train is animated and lighted. These features provide anyone with a cheerful Christmas-y feeling. The train also comes with 14 buttons that enable you to control the train and its elements like:

  • Christmas sounds,
  • Volume,
  • Train speed and direction,
  • Turn it on and off.

Obviously you’re provided with an instruction booklet. This is one of the most realistic and fairy Christmas trains for under the tree I’ve seen so far. It’s known for being made out of durable plastic.


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