Crafts To Make Out Of Old Xmas Cards

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Have some time to creatively spend these days? Then here are some crafts to make out of old Xmas cards.

Almost everybody loves to display old Xmas cards during the holiday season and so preserve them in a box for later viewing. We have enjoyed creating diverse crafts from these old Xmas cards and maybe your family will enjoy making these Xmas card crafts as well.

How to Make a Xmas Card Wreath

  1. Take a big piece of cardboard.
  2. Draw a circle on it, the size you want the wreath to be.
  3. Cut out the circle and draw second circle in the center so that there are at least 6″ left around the external side of the circle.
  4. Take all the old Xmas cards you have stashed away in the attic, under your bed or maybe in the cellar.
  5. Children enjoy to go through these old Xmas cards choosing their favorites to use in that craft.
  6. Line up the cards on the wreath so they encircle the wreath side by side. It is recommended that you overlap the cards for a lovely affect.
  7. Use glue to stick the cards backs to the wreath where you want them till the full wreath is covered with Xmas cards.
  8. Tie a holiday bow and you’ve a wonderful wreath for your house

Making a Candle Holder

Materials needed to make a candle holder out of old Xmas cards:

  • Old Xmas Cards
  • Small glass jars from jams or baby food
  • Glue
  • Paint Brush
  • Rubber band
  • Salt


  1. Cut out the Xmas scene you prefer from one of the cards. The size must fit the side of the jar.
  2. Glue the back of the image and put it on the side of the jar
  3. Use the band to hold the picture in place till the glue dries
  4. After the glue dries, remove the rubber band
  5. Use the paintbrush to cover the outside of the jar with glue.
  6. Sprinkle the salt over all of the glue to make the jar glisten.
  7. Let the glue dry.
  8. Put a piece of curling ribbon around the rim of the jar and place a candle in the jar

Make Cute Bookmarks

To create bookmarks from old Xmas Cards you’ll need to have the following supplies:

  • Old Xmas Cards
  • Cardboard or posterboard
  • Paint, Markers or Crayons
  • Glue
  • Clear Contact Paper


  1. Cut a strip from the cardboard – about 8″ X 2″ in size.
  2. Cut an image from one of the Xmas cards.
  3. Glue the image to the top of the strip.
  4. Wait for the glue to dry
  5. Write some Xmas greetins or the name of the person you will give to.
  6. Cover the bookmark with clear contact paper or have it laminated.

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