Baby Shoe Ornaments for Christmas Trees

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Baby shoe ornaments are one of the many baby themed Christmas tree decorations you can find in stores. These ornaments can be bought from your local store of from online retailing stores. Naturally specialized stores offer de largest range of unique items.

Cute baby shoe ornaments to celebrate your little one’s first steps

Baby shoe ornaments for Christmas trees can be used to celebrate the arrival of a new child in the family. Also they can celebrate your baby’s first steps, the birth of a grandchild or simply be given as a present for the happy parents of a newborn. Then there’s another group of people who would enjoy baby shoe ornaments: the collectors.

These tree decorations can be placed on all Christmas trees and look very cute and elegant especially if there is a newborn baby at home. These decorating items are made of different materials and you can even hand-craft them yourself. Online stores such as Amazon offer you a variety of ornaments of this type. Let’s take a closer look at some of the models available in stores.

2016 Hallmark Baby shoe ornaments for Christmas trees

baby shoe ornaments - Hallmark Keepsake Baby's First 2016Hallmark Keepsake Baby’s First 2016


Some popular brands, like Hallmark, release their annual shoe decorations to help you celebrate your baby’s first holiday season on Earth. Their creations make also wonderful presents that you can give a new couple of parents. These ornaments are delivered in special gift boxes which will add to the amazement of your gift recipients.

Porcelain baby shoe ornament

Personalized Baby Bootie Ornament - Boy or Girl (Blue)Personalized Baby Bootie Ornament – Boy or Girl (Blue)


These adorable baby shoe ornaments for Christmas trees are made of porcelain. Some brands allow you to ask for personalization of the items. So in some cases, you can have the baby’s name and her birth date written on the ornaments. Some can even include her size and weight.

Mouth-blown baby shoe ornaments

Old World Christmas White Baby Shoe Glass Blown OrnamentOld World Christmas White Baby Shoe Glass Blown Ornament


Mouth-blown tree shoe decorations are extremely delicate. They’re as delicate and beautiful as babies. The well-known Old World tree decoration include baby shoes. You may want to own one of such items to celebrate your baby’s first steps in life.

Resin shoe tree decorations

2.75Baby’s First Christmas Shoe Ornament 2.75″


Made of resin, these adorable Baby’s First Christmas shoe decorations come with a crocheted look. They’re adorned with white rhinestones and pale pink ribbons and bows. Given their color, they’re suitable to celebrate a baby girl’s first Christmas or first steps.

Silver shoe ornaments for the tree

Kenneth Cole Special Edition Silver Resin Boots/Shoes Christmas Ornament for Macy'sKenneth Cole Special Edition Silver Resin Boots/Shoes Christmas Ornament for Macy’s


Whether made of real silver or resin covered in silver paint, these will definitely make any Christmas tree stand out! Be ready to wow your gift recipient when she’ll open your gift box and discover these cute Kenneth Cole Special Edt. Silver Resin Boots Christmas ornament.

From chrome plated to hand painted mouth blown glass, from resin glittered to porcelain, baby shoe ornaments can be found in a large number of designs, colors and materials. Regardless of the type of baby shoe ornament you opt for, by giving them to those you care for, you are sure to bring a smile on their face.

Set up a baby themed Christmas tree this year

If you wish to display a baby themed Christmas tree this year, I’d suggest getting a white or pale green artificial tree so as to have the ornaments to shine through the pale color of the branches. Items such as baby toys, bottles, rattles, cradle, carriage or socks can be all associated on the tree. Some pastel lights can be used to highlight the overall decor.



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