How To Decorate Ceramic Christmas Trees

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Ideas to decorate ceramic Christmas trees

Christmas trees made out of ceramic bisque are perfect for the crafty person. They enable you to create your very own holiday tree using the elements that best fit with your taste.

This kind of materials enables you to decorate your tree in the theme, color and style you want. With a ceramic bisque Christmas tree you can let your imagination go wild. Although tiny light bulbs are available to be pinned on the trees, you can also paint the tree the color you want and glue small Christmas tree ornaments on it.

Here are a few examples of what can be done with such a base.

17″ Green Ceramic Christmas Tree Lights UpCeramic Christmas TreeChristmas Decoration – Lighted Christmas Tree – Lighted

Decorate the tree with a theme that meets your needs

Are you a crafty person? Do you enjoy nothing as much as customizing things? Then you are going to love to decorate ceramic Christmas trees. The first benefit of ceramic bisque trees is that you can paint them the color you want. Besides the classic Christmas colors, there is a wide array of tones you can choose from.

A nice pale blue or pale pink tree would make  a wonderful decoration in a child’s bedroom. A turquoise tree would fit in a parent’s bedroom. A yellow one would greatly fit in a kitchen. Then there are the trendy colored trees like purple, hot pink, red, and, why not, rainbow painted?

Decorate ceramic Christmas trees with a classic theme

  • Paint the tree green,
  • Glue white cotton balls on the branches to feature snow,
  • Pin light ornaments into the tiny holes,
  • Glue tiny scrapbooking Christmas themed ornaments,
  • Here your are: you have a stunning classic holiday decoration.

Setting up a tree for baby’s bedroom

  • Paint your tree pale blue or pink,
  • Optional: glue white cotton balls to the branches,
  • Pin tiny blue or pink light ornaments,
  • Glue scrapbooking themed elements like Teddy Bear and other baby toys on the tree,
  • Here you have an oustanding tabletop tree for a kid’s bedroom.

Not just for Christmas time

Since the tree comes white and without ornament, you can turn it into whatever holiday tree you wish. Actually there is more than just decorate decorate ceramic Christmas trees for the end of year holidays! Here’s what you can do with it:

  • Paint it pink and glue white and red ornaments for Valentine’s Day,
  • Paint it blue and pin or glue white and red ornaments for a 4th of July tree,
  • Paint it green and glue eggs, bunnies and chicks to provide your home a nice looking Easter tree,
  • Paint it black and decorate it using orange and white ornaments for a Halloween tree,
  • Paint it purple and use green and gold ornaments for a Mardi Gras tree

The range of possibilities is almost endless and you’re just limited by your imagination.

Materials needed to decorate ceramic Christmas trees

Are you ready for a DIY session this holiday season? Then go shopping for a few indispensable materials and start creating now.

For such crafts you will need acrylic paints – if you don’t want your tree to shine, opt for satin paint. High gloss paints are perfect for a shiny tree. A decorating kit enables you to keep off the hassle of browsing stores for each product that is necessary to decorate your tree. Naturally you won’t forget about the brushes. A bunch of scrapbooking elements or miniature Christmas tree ornaments will help you to customize the tree. Stencils can also work wonders if you prefer to use painted ornaments. Stencils will provide your tree with a nice personalized decor. A mini glue gun will allow you to stick the ornaments to the ceramic tree.

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