Lionel Silver Bells Train for Under the Tree

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Under the tree Lionel Silver Bells train

For one person who lives in Europe, bells relate as much to Easter time than Christmas. And since Christmas belles are about to ring once again, I can’t resist… Introducing the superb Lionel Silver Bells train set that is available for sale and would make a stunning decoration while riding around the Christmas tree this year.

Ah what a beautiful train ! It’s entirely green and silver with Christmas-y decorations on the sides of the wagons, the gondola and the tender… the Christmas green as you can see for yourself, this green that adds cheerfulness to our holidays. A green that warms up a room and makes you feel in a cozy environment.

The train features

This train is a holiday themed one with a locomotive, a tender, a gondola that is able to support 2 silver bells, a boxcar and a caboose.

You can control the train using the remote and it is easy to put together and literaly ready-to-run once at home. You can even, using the special remote control, ride more than one locomotive on the very same track!


The locomotive comes with whistle sound, bell, working headlight, smoke and sounds which provides it with a more realistic look.

lionel silver bells christmas tree train

Lionel Silver Bells train set for under the tree also makes Merry Christmas announcements. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries – must be alkaline batteries that you can purchase separately. They are not included in the set. The track dimensions are 40″ x 50″ oval. This makes perfect size for it to ride around the tree. However, I’d suggest to get some more tracks especially if you have a gigantic tree.


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