The Lionel Santa’s Helper Christmas Lionchief Train

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The Lionel Santa’s Helper Christmas Lionchief train set will add a touch of cheerfulness to your Christmas decor. Actually, Christmas trains are the ornaments that bring in the fondest memories of the holiday season. These little electric trains for under the Christmas tree add a touch of joy to your decor. Here you are going to learn why you will love having the beautifully crafted Lionel Santa’s Helper Christmas Lionchief train riding around your tree.

The Lionel Santa’s Helper Christmas Lionchief train set

Lionel Santa's Helper Christmas Lionchief SetLionel Santa’s Helper Christmas Lionchief Set


Is there anything that adds more pleasure to the jolly atmosphere of Christmas morning than an electric train riding around the tree? You surely love Christmas trains – and if you’re reading this, you surely do. Therefore, I’m sure that you want to own one of your own so that your children and you can get that magic sensation while watching it riding around the Christmas tree.

This O-gauge train set is really one that will provide anyone with pleasure: from families looking for a lovely ornament for their holiday decor to the collector or the electric train aficionado.

You will love the three Christmas classics supplied with the set (“First Noel”, “Silent Night” and “Deck the Halls”) while you unpack the presents on Christmas morning. The late risers will have the enjoyment to be welcomed with a festive “Hohoho Merry Christmas” from Santa Claus himself. Meanwhile, the children will take pleasure in the smoke and chuffing steam sounds, or the bells and whistle sounds produced by the engine.

The Santa’s Helper Christmas train features

Lionel Santa's Helper Christmas Lionchief Set


The Lionel Santa’s Helper Christmas Lionchief train set is a lovely electric train that comes with a lot of features:

  • It comes with a remote control,
  • You will enjoy the trains sounds (holiday songs, whistle, bell),
  • The engine makes steam chuffing sounds,
  • And is able to produce smoke like a real one,
  • The ability to create a 40” x 50” oval track (enough to place around an 8′ Christmas tree),
  • It is powered by AA batteries.

In this Lionel Christmas train you will find

Lionel Santa's Helper Christmas Lionchief Set


  • A 0-6-0 dockside switcher,
  • Metal locomotive that comes with sounds and smoke,
  • A Christmas decorated boxcar,
  • A gondola filled with Xmas presents,
  • A caboose,
  • A girder bridge base made of metal,
  • Tracks: 10 straight tracks and 8 curved tracks,
  • Plug-n-play lock-on track section, and one FasTrack terminal section,
  • Power supply,
  • LionChief remote control for locomotive

In conclusion, children and adults will love this train set. So don’t hesitate any more and add the Santa’s Little Helpers Christmas train set to your end of year decor. You will be glad you did.

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