Beautiful Velvet Christmas Stockings

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Velvet Christmas stockings are soft and warm. Seeing them hanging from the fireplace makes us feel merry and comfortable in this end of year period. Velvet Christmas stockings are made out of a mix of plush and velvet. The softness and shiny look of velvet also provides these ornaments with a touch of class and style.

Softness of velvet Christmas stockings

beautiful velvet christmas stockings

As most stockings, the basic ones are colored red for the body, white for the cuff. Besides these classic colors, one also finds other colors, such as green and white or purple and white. Gold is also a color that is often injected in the classic Christmas tones. Basic stockings are generally two tones and do not feature any other kind of decoration.

But along these simple ones, stores offer a wide array of designs especially dedicated to Christmas time. With designes like snowflakes, stars, holly leaves, Santa Claus figures and Nativity scenes on these fireplace ornaments, you can’t go wrong. Indeed, plush along with velvet Christmas stockings are among the most popular ornaments for many of us.

Different designs of Christmas stockings made out of velvet

Velvet Christmas stockings can be found in many different designs. As an example, velvet can be used to enhance the look of stockings that are made out of other types of fabric.

Gerson 20.5Gerson 20.5″ Glitter Print on Sheer Organza Stocking w/ Velvet Cuff & Metallic Trim


The gorgeous white organza stocking features a metallic design. The stocking is trimmed with a metallic band and topped with a white velvet cuff. The silver/white tone provides this 20.5″ ornament with a very festive look while the velvet cuff adds a touch of warmth. This superb organza and velvet Christmas stocking is available in different colors, such as red, blue and gold.

Other velvet stockings for Christmas include:

  • Nativity scenes,
  • Personalization (name, special message, etc.),
  • Fancy designs such as elf shoe shaped stockings.
  • Movie/TV characters such as Harry Potter, Mickey Mouse, etc.
  • Fashion design themed stockings like the one featured below which features rhinestones…

Christmas Stocking Red & Green Velvet With Tassel, Rhinestone Monogram PChristmas Stocking Red & Green Velvet With Tassel, Rhinestone Monogram PSequin and Velvet Christmas Stocking (Green)Sequin and Velvet Christmas Stocking (Green)Personalized White Velvet Snowflake Christmas StockingPersonalized White Velvet Snowflake Christmas StockingRed Velvet and Faux Fur Christmas Stocking with Detachable 75+ Rhinestone PinRed Velvet and Faux Fur Christmas Stocking with Detachable 75+ Rhinestone PinEmbroidered White Velvet Beaded Stocking, 20Embroidered White Velvet Beaded Stocking, 20Gorgeous Christmas Holiday Velvet and Satin Stocking Snowmen #HP99178Gorgeous Christmas Holiday Velvet and Satin Stocking Snowmen #HP99178


Sport themed Christmas stockings made out of velvet

Christmas stockings for sport amateurs enable you to have your favorite sport team to penetrate the house. These holiday ornaments to hang upon the fireplace are perfect for fans of sports. They thus can have their favorite teams featured in their household. Featured sport teams include football, baseball, and more.

New York Jets NFL Velvet ChristmasNew York Jets NFL Velvet ChristmasLouisiana State University LSU Tigers NCAALouisiana State University LSU Tigers NCAA




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