How to Make A Yarn Cross Ornament

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Martha Stewart Wonderland Crafts Ribbon

Martha Stewart Wonderland Crafts Ribbon

Let’s start the Christmas celebrations with some crafts that you can use to decorate the Christmas tree. For this purpose I’m going to tell you how to make a yarn cross ornament at home.

By the time you will look at the tree, you will see the yarn cross ornament and it will remind you of Jesus who died on the cross. This type of ornament is very easy to make and beautiful to look at.

Materials to make a yarn cross ornament

  • White yarn
  • Craft glue
  • Ribbon for hanger
  • Colored ribbons (colors must be pleasing to the eye)
  • Sticks (could be a regular craft stick or you may use a piece of cardboard cut into the shape of a cross)
  • Cutter or scissors

How to make a yarn cross ornament

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Red Heart E746.9600 Soft Baby Steps Yarn, Solid, White

Cut one craft stick to half, then cut half at least an inch off each end of the second craft stick. Discard properly the cut ends.

Glue the sticks forming a cross and be sure you will lift it up, the glue is already dry.

Put glue on the shorter stick and wrap it with yarn. Start from the left, then to the right around the craft stick. After covering the yarn of at least four wraps, wrap the yarn around the intersection of both sticks.

Put glue on the longer stick and wrap it with yarn then to the shorter stick then back to the longer stick until it is covered. Wrap the yarn around the intersection of the sticks 3-3 times to form or make a strong cross. Continue wrapping the yarn vertically around the shorter stick.

When its time to cut the yarn, cut at the back part of the cross. Cut it properly and add glue to support the yarn. Make sure it is completely dry before picking it up.

Place the ribbon to the front intersection of the cross. You may add extra little decorations of your choice to make it more beautiful. Do not forget to glue it properly.

Turn the cross and glue a looped ribbon to the back for the hanger. Let it dry before you will use it.

Some helpful tips to remember when making yarn ornaments

Remember you are using glue; see to it that the cross is not sticking on the table or where you are making it. Put a wax paper on top of the table.

Save the sticks on your ice cream bars, this saves you money in buying the craft sticks. Do not be in a rush in making your yarn cross; it needs patience to make a pretty one.

You may choose to personalize your yarn cross, just be sure that you will get what you want. Good luck!

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