Pull-up Christmas Trees for Quick and Easy Setting

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Be Christmas-ready in just seconds with pull-up Christmas trees for this year! Yes, you hear me right. It is all about how fast you can get things done in today’s world, including setting up your Christmas tree.

Pull-up Christmas trees make tree trimming a piece of cake

We all love Christmas and we all love to have nicely decorated Christmas tree in our house with boxes of presents sitting at the bottom of it. However, getting one and setting it up can be a hassle. And don’t let me get to the storage part. This is where pull-up Christmas trees make the tree trimming, pulling apart and storage a piece of cake.

1. Disney Wondrous pull-up Christmas tree

pull-up Christmas trees - Bradford Exchange Disney Wondrous Pre-Lit Pull-Up Christmas TreeBradford Exchange Disney Wondrous Pre-Lit Pull-Up Christmas Tree


Introducing the 6 feet tall Disney theme pull-up Christmas tree. It’ll literally be up and standing in seconds after unpacking. The tree is decorated with 4 tense, satiny ribbons cascade down the tree showcasing 65 Disney Characters, another 6 characters on specialty ornaments, 2 tree-length red plus emerald velvety ribbons, more than 200 replaceable mini-lights, 46 non-breakable ornaments, and 15 velvety poinsettias by means of golden limits.

This year, celebrate your Christmas with Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Goofy, Mickey and many more. A special storage bag is also available for purchase if you want to keep your collapsible Christmas tree safe until next year.

2. Flat-to-Fabulous fully decorated pre-lit tree

BrylaneHome Flat-To-Fabulous Fully Decorated, Pre-Lit 6FT Tree (SILVER GOLD,0)BrylaneHome Flat-To-Fabulous Fully Decorated, Pre-Lit 6FT Tree (Silver Gold)


Kid you not, it does become fabulous from a pancake-flat sphere, in just a few minutes. This pull-up Christmas tree is 6-feet tall and around 3-feet wide.

It comes decorated with French ribbons, bow and ornaments. Pre-lit with 350 twinkling little white lights, all you need to do is connect it to the power source and it glows by itself. Add more ornaments to it as you feel like.

Taking it down is as easy as setting it up. Back to its pancake-flat size, you can put it at the corner of your storage and forget about it until next Christmas.

3. Christmas poinsettia lighted pull-up tree

4 ft Christmas Spruce Prelit Poinsettia Pull Up Tree4 ft Christmas Spruce Prelit Poinsettia Pull Up Tree


This 4-feet tall and about 2-feet in diameter pull-up Christmas tree is perfect for a small space. It is pre-decorated with red and golden ribbons, red and gold ornaments, snow flakes and poinsettias with fair-haired edge, and pre-lit with 100 incandescent lights. It can be collapsed easily in seconds for easy storage.

4. Snow-Frosted pre-lit collapsible Christmas tree

4 ft Snow Frosted Spruce Prelit Pull Up Tree4 ft Snow Frosted Spruce Prelit Pull Up Tree


This pull-up Christmas tree comes frosted with the look of freshly fallen snow, giving you the feeling of a White Christmas. It is 4-feet tall and about 2-feet in diameter.

Decorated in 20-feet blue and white ribbons, 32 ornaments in elegant blue and silver, and pre-lit with 100 clear incandescent lights, this snow frosted spruces Christmas tree sends a feeling of peace and serenity.

Easy to be set up, it is easy to be taken down for storage as well.

5. Pop-up tree especially designed for small spaces

5' Red/Grn Pop-Up Tree5′ Red/Grn Pop-Up Tree


This tinsel Christmas tree is 5-feet tall, red and green in color. It is easy to set up and collapse, make it easy to be store away. Though not pre-lit, it sparkles, especially if you shine the light towards it.

It is ideal for a small space and a value for money budget pick.

More Christmas trees to choose from

Couldn’t get enough of pull-up Christmas trees and want to look for more? Hop on to Amazon.com for more choices. There are hundreds of them for you to choose from and I am sure you will find the perfect pull-up Christmas trees for this holiday season. Oh, don’t forget to get some ornaments as well.

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