Oh So Chic Purple Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Purple Christmas tree ornaments are elegants and add a touch of style to your holiday decor. It is not because the traditional colors are gold, red and green that a purple Christmas tree can’t be as stunning as any other. Even more than that, purple is a very chic color that can make your tree look unique. However it may not always be easy to decorate such an unique Christmas tree and you might be unsure about the colors that can be associated with this unusual item.

Let’s get some ideas for some chic purple Christmas tree ornaments.

oh so chic purple christmas tree ornaments

Monochrome tree ornaments

The first and simplest chic purple Christmas tree ornaments that one can find on the market are monochrome items. So, for example if you want to opt for a monochrome theme, you can got for white or pale green only decorating items. These ornaments would range from white or pale green hand-blown balls to white or pale green icicles and from white lights to white or pale green garlands. Another great monochrome idea would be going to all purple and surprise everybody passing by your house.

A monochrome decor on your purple Christmas tree will work wonders. Opt for a mix of matte, shiny and iridescent glitter finishes and make sure to get various ornaments such as balls, icicles, stars, snowflakes, trees, etc.

This monochrome theme provides the tree with a very elegant aspect. It is also going to save you time trying to find colors assorted to your unusual tree. Other chic purple Christmas tree ornaments that would fit with it are:

  • Turquoise,
  • Pale lavender,
  • Peacock blue,
  • Aqua blue,
  • Pale pink,
  • Pale yellow,
  • Flashy pink,
  • Silver,
  • Gold.

Chic purple Christmas tree ornaments for a shocking effect

Club Pack of 24 Turquoise Blue Glitter SnowflakeFlat White Feather Owl on Branch Christmas Ornament,Peacock blue ornamentPale pink and white Victorian tree ornamentGliter green bird ornamentClub Pack of 18 Pale Yellow with Amber

Gradient chic purple Christmas tree ornaments

When it comes to chic purple Christmas tree ornaments, the possibilities are endless. As an example, using purple gradient ornaments ranging from pastel lavender to dark purple can make your tree look stunning. If you don’t find the purple you are looking for, then paint ornaments that you already have on hand, sprinkle glitter on them so as to make them sparkle and shine through the Christmas tree lights.

Along with balls, angels, bells, miniature trees, fairies, butterflies, etc.,  which are all traditional decorating items will work wonders even those that you painted purple. For such a purpose, I suggest using a lavender Christmas ball ornament pack as the color base and then add darker items to taste. Put the finishing touches with a whimsical lavender Christmas garland.

Some lavender ornaments to look at

96ct Shatterproof Purple Lavender 4-Finish Christmas Ball OrnamentsFriendship BallLavender Hummingbird Glass OrnamentPurple Lavender Finial Christmas Ornaments Set of 2NEQWA Hand Painted Glass Ornament Lavender MoonPack of 12 Dazzling Lavender Jeweled Dragonfly Clip-On

Polychrome tree ornaments

You can also have polychrome chic purple Christmas tree ornaments that will work pretty well. However make sure that you’re using only colors that fit with the color of the tree. Alas all tones can’t be associated with purple.

As an example, you could use turquoise, pale green or mint, pale yellow, fuschia and turquoise decorating items. These colors fit very well with purple. Make sure to gather a number of different shapes: birds (hand blown peacocks for example), angels (multi colored angel ornaments), balls (pale yellow, pale green), brightly colored toys, garland (fushia), etc.

Crystal, silver and gold tree ornaments

Crystal, silver and gold are also chic purple Christmas tree ornaments. To say the truth, they are the three main elements of a classy theme. Therefore, if you wish to provide your living room with a very elegant purple Christmas tree, you’re going to adopt these exquisite and delicate ornaments. As for garlands they should be made out of pearls and/or crystal, this fits better with crystal items and silver and gold colored ornaments (as I don’t refer to ornaments made out of gold or silver here). White garlands will work too.

Whether for a green or purple Christmas tree, you certainly enjoy collecting decorating items. Crystal crystal is the type of materials you would use to create a classy decorating appearance. Big brand’s annual editions are the type of decorations you should get for your so unique tree. These ornaments are limited to the year of introduction; which makes them really special and the best way to commemorate the first year of your new tree tradition!

Some of these chic purple Christmas tree ornaments you could fall for

Swarovski Annual Edition 2014 Crystal Snowflake OrnamentWaterford Crystal Christmas Wonders Ornament New 2014Lenox 2014 Baby’s 1st Christmas Crystal OrnamentTowle 2014 Silver-Plated Pierced Bell Ornament, 35th EditionWaterford Silver 2014 Baby’s First Christmas OrnamentWallace 2014 44th Edition Silver-Plated Sleigh Bell OrnamentLenox 2014 Annual OrnamentLeaf Ornament – Gold Plated Aspen. Real Leaf!Wallace Gold-Plated Sleigh Bell Ornament, 25th Edition

Have you got your purple Christmas tree topper?

It is not because you have an unusually colored tree that it doesn’t have to proudly be topped with an angel or any other kind of ornament!

Instead and because this is an absolutely unique decorating item, you should carefully select the most beautiful topper. Did you opt for a pastel colored design? Then I suggest to choose a matching lighted and colored angel treetop. Did you go for polychrome? In this case, select a topper that features some of the colors on your tree, like a mosaic Bethleem star. And if you didn’t go for a colored tree, then get a monochrome Santa Claus.

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