Breyer Horse Ornaments for Christmas Trees

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Are you looking for Breyer horse ornaments for Christmas trees? Whether for a horse lover, a horse rider, a collector or an aficionado, these tree ornaments make wonderful stocking stuffers for anyone around you. And you could even fall yourself for them and start collecting horse ornaments by Breyer.

Beautifully crafted Breyer horse ornaments for Christmas trees

The beautifully crafted Breyer horse ornaments for Christmas trees come in a pretty wide range of models and styles. From the horse rider ornament to beautiful breed ornaments. From pony ornaments to jewelry and carousel horse decorations. There is always one that will stand out and make you able to give the most precious gift to your important someone. Moreover, the beauty of such items is that you can give them to anyone, from a loved one to your boss. Not to mention that they will highlight your very own Christmas tree.

Here are some of these outstanding Breyer horse ornaments for Christmas trees.

Breyer horse rider ornaments

From horse riding crown winners to the Canadian mounted police, Breyer offers superb horse ornaments to choose from. Getting your gift recipient such a lovely present will indeed provide her with lots of pleasure. On the other hand you might just want to start your very own Christmas horse ornaments. And therefore, keep these beautiful items for yourself.

Breyer horse ornaments - Breyer 9179 American Pharoah Ornament, 4.9 X 4-Inches by BreyerBreyer 9179 American Pharoah Ornament, 4.9 X 4-Inches by BreyerWar Admiral - 1937 Triple Crown Winner - Hand Decorated Christmas Tree OrnamentWar Admiral – 1937 Triple Crown Winner – Hand Decorated Christmas Tree OrnamentBreyer RCMP Musical Ride OrnamentBreyer RCMP Musical Ride OrnamentBreyer® Native Dancer OrnamentBreyer® Native Dancer Ornament


Breyer beautiful breed series

For thousands of years, horses have always been human’s best friends and best co-workers. Some breeds were developed to help men’s work, some were developed to ride… The common link between all these horse breeds is that they are breathtaking beauties. Regardless of the use humans did or still do of them. As you’ll see when you’ll click on one of the images below, they’re made from resin or porcelain. Of course, resin makes these decorations child resistant. Plus, they are crafted with precise attention to details. This is why these beautiful ornamental horses by Breyer will make your gift recipient a happy person.

2011 Breyer Beautiful Breeds Series Mustang Holiday Horse Ornament 9th Christmas2011 Beautiful Breeds Mustang Horse Ornament Breyer Gypsy Vanner - Beautiful Breeds OrnamentBreyer Gypsy Vanner – Beautiful Breeds OrnamentBreyer Beautiful Breeds Ornament: American Quarter HorseBeautiful Breeds Ornament: American Quarter HorseBreyer Horses 2015 Holiday Beautiful Breeds Ornament - ThoroughbredHorses 2015 Beautiful Breeds Ornament – ThoroughbredBreyerBreyer Beautiful Breeds Peruvian PasoBreyer 2009 Beautiful Breeds Series Andalusian Ornament #7005092009 Beautiful Breeds Andalusian Ornament


Even more Breyer horse decorations for the tree

Breyer horse ornaments will allow you to give a one-of-a-kind gift to a someone you love. Alternatively, they enable you to create a unique Christmas tree decor for yourself. Beside the three categories listed above, the brand offers an even larger choice. These range from carousel horses, horses from the Wild West, baby’s first Christmas unicorn ornament and more.

BREYER - BEST FRIENDS ORNAMENT - 2016 HOLIDAY HORSE - LIMITED EDITIONBest Friends Ornament – 2016 Holiday Horse – Limited EditionPeppermint Kiss - 2015 Holiday Horse Stirrup Ornament by BreyerPeppermint Kiss – 2015 Holiday Horse Stirrup Ornament by BreyerBaby's First Christmas OrnamentBaby’s First Christmas OrnamentBreyer Cantata Carousel OrnamentBreyer Cantata Carousel OrnamentBreyer Bejeweled OrnamentBreyer Bejeweled OrnamentBreyer® Angel Fillies Holiday 2014 GoldBreyer® Angel Fillies Holiday 2014 Gold


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