5 Ballerina Christmas Tree Ornaments to Dazzle

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Ballerina’s are commonly known for their beauty. So it’s no wonder that ballerina Christmas tree ornaments have been a staple on Christmas trees for years.

5 ballerina Christmas tree ornaments that won’t fail to dazzle anyone

Ballerina ornaments for Christmas trees come in many designs and materials. From porcelain and mouth-blown glass to wooden ornaments along with acrylic, (poly)resin, etc. Moreover, you can buy them in packs of one, two, three or more items or even in themed collections. In addition, you can find some of the most beautifully crafted ballerina Christmas tree ornaments in online stores. Here are 5 adorable ballerina Christmas tree ornaments that won’t fail to dazzle.

1. Lenox porcelain ballerina tree ornament

ballerina christmas tree ornaments - Lenox Ballerina OrnamentLenox Ballerina Ornament


In the first place, let’s take a look at our favorite: this ballerina ornament is a classic. A beautiful ballerina figurine posed with her arms in the air and toes pointed elegantly. This ornament is made of porcelain and you can hang it from the tree with a classic golden cord and tassel. Not to mention that it stands at a height of 11 inches (or 28 centimeters) from the ballerina’s toes to the end of the tassel.

2. Joyous resin peacock ballerina Christmas tree ornaments

Kurt Adler 6Kurt Adler 6″ Peacock Ballerina Ornaments


These lovely resin peacock ballerina tree ornaments come in a set of 3. All 3 ballerinas are made of resin and each has a beautiful blue dress that is designed to look like peacock feathers. Each ballerina is 6 inches tall and comes in a classic ballerina pose. These exquisite ornaments are not only declined in a nice gradient of blue, turquoise, and green colors. But they also add a  touch of elegance to your peacock themed Christmas tree.

3. Mouth-blown glass dancing ballerina tree ornament

6.756.75″ Dancing Ballerina Dress Christmas Ornament


This ballerina ornament is unique as it is made of glass and blown manually – a technique that comes from the 1800’s. It is 6.75 inches tall and has a soft fabric skirt and glitter detailing. The artist painted the face and body of the ballerina with precision and care. The ornament is gift boxed upon purchase and shipped to its destination.

4. Translucent acrylic ballerina Christmas ornament

Ballerina Ornament Clear n Gold Acrylic Ornament T0830-A Kurt AdlerBallerina Ornament Clear n Gold Acrylic Ornament T0830-A Kurt Adler


Imported by Kurt Adler, this ballerina ornament is a beautiful addition to any tree. With a size of 6 inches tall, it’s made of clear acrylic and gold detailing. The gold detail sparkles in the light of the Christmas tree and gives off a vibrant shine.

5. Wooden ballerina Christmas ornament brings good news

I Bring You Good News Gold Dancing Angel Ballerina Christian Christmas OrnamentI Bring You Good News Gold Dancing Angel Ballerina Christian Christmas Ornament


Finally, this ballerina tree ornament is a beacon of happiness. The ballerina is a dancing angel ballerina with a happy Christian message written onto her skirt. This beauty is made of wood and decorated with fine pink ribbon, glitter, and metallic detailing. Not to mention that this adorable ornament is 3.5 x inches in size. As you can see for yourself, it looks elegant among the other Christmas decorations.

There are hundreds more beautiful ballerina ornaments to be found on Amazon. And any of them would be a great choice for the holiday season. Ballerinas are symbols of peace and beauty, and Christmas is a time filled with both of those things. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a ballerina ornament and add it to your collection!


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