Lionel A Christmas Story O-Gauge Train Set

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Lionel A Christmas Story O-Gauge Train Set2 Christmas Story train sets

The Lionel A Christmas Story O-Gauge Train set was inspired by the highly popular A Christmas Story film. If you loved the movie, you might want to choose a train for under the Christmas tree that’s designed with this movie in mind.

The Lionel A Christmas Story train set is perfect for kids and adults alike.

Key features of this electric train set

  • The doors of this train can be opened, comes with lighted caboose, etc.,
  • This under the tree Christmas train track measures +/- 40″ x 60″,
  • Control comes with forward, neutral and backward options,
  • The old fashioned steam engine whistles

Do kids and grownups enjoy the Lionel A Christmas Story train?

It is a quite large train set that comes with tracks, a box car, a gondola, It’s a large set that includes the track, boxcar (with doors that really open), a reefer car and a caboose. The wagons are decorated with A Christmas Story scenes and phrases. The plusses of this stunning tree decoration are the headlight and the smoke that comes from the steam machine. Smoke is produced with a specific fluid.

The user can navigate the train forwards and backwards using the remote control and can announce the entrance of the train in the station, turn on the whistle feature. The speed can also be increase or reduced, depending on the user’s will.

Because the track dimensions are 40″ x 60″ and that the train’s size is 58″, buyers generally get an additional set of tracks. The train also works on a CW-80 transformer.

Lionel A Christmas Story O-Gauge Train

Lionel A Christmas Story G-Gauge Train Set

Lionel Christmas Story Train G Guage

On a cheaper note there is the option of getting the Lionel A Christmas Story G-Gauge train set from online stores as well. The train is shorter than the one featured above but it makes a great Christmas decoration for riding around the tree during the holiday season.

This one is powered by batteries and comes with a locomotive (that includes a headlight and sounds), a box car of which the inside can be removed and a 55″ x 72″ oval track.

It is controlled by a remote and is capable of going forward and backwards. For those who enjoy ringing the bells and turn on whistle sounds, it’s a perfect Christmas tree train as well.

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