How To Make Upcycled Christmas Candles

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Christmas candles are symbolic of the holiday season. They mark the remaining days of December up to Christmas Eve. However for many of us, they are merely decorations that go with the theme of the season. Candles can be a fantastic Christmas craft project such as the adorable upcycled Christmas candles you’re about to make. These DIY upcycled Christmas candles can be used as decorations (not lit) or given to a loved one.

How To Make Upcycled Christmas Candles 17

Make adorable upcycled Christmas candles

Advent candles are several candles lit to represent the week before the Christmas Eve arrives. You can find these candles typically in people’s homes but churches also have these where they are decorated with a Christmas wreath.

Christmas candles frequently lit the Christmas eve dinner table. You can see them in commercial markets, where they come in different sizes and designs. If you’re eager to save money and environmentally aware, you’ll love to make them yourself. Here is a simple, yet fun way to make upcycled Christmas candles at home. Sounds fun, right? What are you waiting for? Let’s start recycling!

Materials to make upcycled Christmas candles:

The materials listed below are meant to make one of these upcycled Christmas candles. If you want to make more of them, just make sure to adapt the number of elements needed.

  • 2 sheets Christmas themed gift paper – make sure to gather different designs
  • Candles
  • 12″ or 30 cm long thin jute or twine rope
  • 2 wooden beads – big
  • 2 wooden cube beads – small
  • 0.6″ or 1.5 cm width red satin ribbon
  • 2 wooden buttons (different sizes)
  • 1 sheet green construction paper
  • 1 green Sharpie or any permanent marker
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 hot glue gun and refill
  • 1 thin metallic ribbon

How to create these adorable Christmas candles

diy christmas candles 2

Cut the gift paper based on the height of the candle. Do the same for both sheets of gift wrap.

homemade christmas gifts with candles 3

Cut 1.2-2″ (3 up to 5 cm) width pieces from the long rectangle of gift wrap you just cut.

adorable christmas candle gifts 4

Roll each piece of gift wrap just like shown on the photo. The diameter of each roll should be uniform to maintain good results afterwards.

How To Make Upcycled Christmas Candles 5

Hot glue the ends of each roll to permanent fix each of the small wrapping sticks.

how to recycle a christmas candle 6

Stick the sticks together side-by-side. Make sure to alternate the two different designs so as to get a more pleasant effect. Glue as many sticks as needed for them to form a cylinder in which the candle can be placed.

How To Make Christmas Candles 7

Meet the ends of the wrapping paper sticks together and glue it into place.

homemade christmas candles 8

Insert the candle in the center of the sticks. Make necessary adjustments, if needed.

tutorial to make Christmas Candles 9

Wrap the red satin ribbon around the candle and finish up with a bow.

step by step instructions to make christmas candles 10

Cut the excess from the ribbon bow.

easy way to make christmas candles 11Cut four randomly sized holiday leaves from the green construction paper.

christmas candle craft 12Draw details on the leaves using the green Sharpie or permanent marker.

homemade christmas candle with gift wrap 13Place one leaf on top of the other in a V-shape orientation and glue them together. Repeat the operation with the two other leaves.

recycled christmas candles 14

Hot glue the leaves in the back of the red bow. Do this on both side of the bow.

colorful christmas candles handmade 15

Glue the wooden buttons together – the smaller one on top of the bigger one. Then glue them in the middle of the bow where the intersecting tie of the bow can be found.

homemade christmas candle project 16

Insert the different wooden beads on the thin twine or thin jute and wrap it around the body of the Christmas candle. Tie it tightly around the candle to make sure that the beads won’t fall off. You can also glue the beads on the candle, this way you’ll make sure they won’t fall.

How To Make Upcycled Christmas Candles 17

Done and ready to display! This is how your new upcycled Christmas candle should look.  Now what? Make another one and more. Switch colors, use blue, gold, orange, pink, purple, gift wrap to decorate these candles. Also, remember that these upcycled Christmas candle can be great as gifts to your loved-ones.

In case you don’t feel comfortable with the use of candles in conjunction with paper wrap, do like me: use battery-powered candles to make this project.

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