Adorable Bucilla Christmas Stocking Kits Are Fun to Make

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Cute to make Christmas stocking kits

Did you make plans on surprising one of the crafter fans on your end of year holiday season gift list? Then you should definitely give the adorable and fun to make Bucilla Christmas stocking kits a chance. These stocking kits come with everything necessary the crafter on your list needs to create a colorful 3D stocking that she’ll be proud of.

Choo-choo Santa stocking kit

BUCILLA 86708 Choo-Choo Santa Stocking KitBUCILLA 86708 Choo-Choo Santa Stocking KitBUCILLA 86708 Choo-Choo Santa Stocking Kit

As an example, here is the “Choo-choo Santa stocking kit”. As you can see, this colorful and cute Christmas train filled with tons of gifts for wise children is going to provide your loved ones with warmth and joy.

Here’s what’s included in this Bucilla Christmas stocking kit – made for experienced crafters:

  • Many pieces of stamped felt,
  • Cotton floss,
  • A huge amount of sequins,
  • Lots of beads,
  • Aaand… even two needles.

Obviously, these Bucilla Christmas stocking kits are delivered with detailed and easy to follow instructions. This ensures your loved one or yourself can make the most of this crafting package. Another positive point is that the Bucilla Christmas stocking kits provide tips on how to make each stocking unique and how to really personalize it. As for the finished product, its size is about 18″ long.

One suggestion, however, if you do buy this stocking package for yourself: I urge you to start making it right away. Indeed, these intricate stocking kits take some time to finish. Do not worry, the time you spend on making the stocking is worth it. Regardless of the job, any crafter will just love this adorable present! Creating outstanding pieces of stockings or giving away one of these beautiful pieces of craft is, in my opinion, the best way to have the holiday spirit coming in.

These beautiful stockings will look gorgeous one hung from the fireplace. They’re going to be just waiting for you to fill them with exciting stuffers.

Shop for Bucilla Christmas stocking kits

Obviously there is a wide range of such kits for the crafters. Amazon offers a huge list of them for a very affordable price. Naturally, all of these kits come with their specific charm and colors. Your only problem might just be to choose only one. Enjoy and Happy Christmas!

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