Top 2016 Our New Home Christmas Ornaments

Celebrate your new life with 2016 Our New Home Christmas ornaments

Are you searching for the top 2016 Our New Home Christmas ornaments? With Christmas around the corner, you just like anyone else is prepping yourself to decorate the Christmas tree, house, boxes or send gift items. However, with so many new items on offer, you may be finding it a bit challenging. The good news though is that we have compiled the top New Home Christmas ornaments in 2016 and they include the following ones.

Old World Christmas glass ornament

2016 our new home christmas ornaments - Old World Christmas Our New Home Glass Blown OrnamentOld World Christmas Our New Home Glass Blown Ornament


Make your Christmas tree glittery by investing in the New Home ornament by Old World Christmas. Made from mouth-blown glass, this ornament is very unique and brings out a classic 1800s appeal. It features finely curved molds and shiny surface that will spark with every glimmer of light. The hand- crafted and hand-painted ornament is also ideal as a gift or collector’s item.

Spode New Home Key Keepsake Ornament

Spode Christmas Tree Ornament, Annual 2016 Edition, Our New Home KeySpode Christmas Tree Ornament, Annual 2016 Edt, Our New Home Key


This beautifully crafted Our New Home key ornament is perfect for those who feel the nostalgia of the Christmas celebrations from the past. The sweet piece can be used to adorn the Christmas tree, placed with other gifts, added to the collection or gifted as a “first Christmas in our new home” to a loved one. The elegantly designed and decorated key measures 4.1 inches.

Lenox 2016 New Home Ornament

Lenox 2016 Our First Year in Our New Home OrnamentLenox 2016 Our First Year in Our New Home Ornament


The Lenox brand is well-known and respected for providing some of the best Christmas ornaments. This time round they are offering the “2016 Our First Year” piece that is ideal for hanging or placing on trees, walls, door or other surfaces. It’s made from high-quality fine china and measures 10 (L) x 5(W) x 3(H) inches while its weight is 4.8 ounces.

Hallmark New Home ornament

New Home Christmas Ornament Dated 2016 Hallmark Keepsake OrnamentNew Home Christmas Ornament Dated 2016 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament


Create lasting and beautiful memories with this Hallmark New Home ornament 2016 for the tree. The charming ornament brings out the Christmas mood while telling stories from the past that are central to the season. It comes prepackaged for easy use, storage and preservation.

New Home ornament personalized

Kurt Adler Kurt Adler “our New Home” People With House Ornament


Fifth on our 2016 Our New Home Christmas ornaments list is the Christmas home ornament by Kurt Adler. It’s made out of high-grade resin material and is approximately 5 inches in height. Designed for hanging on trees, placing on walls, gift item or collector’s item, the ornament can be easily be personalized by hand . In addition to enhancing the elegance around, this piece is made to last for a long time.

More New Home Christmas tree ornaments

You don’t have to buy cheap-looking or low-quality Christmas ornaments. You also shouldn’t buy an item that isn’t trendy or right for Christmas. Simply follow the above guide and discover the top ornaments in the market. Also, did you know that you can acquire lots of other items from right from here? Make your Christmas jolly, colorful and memorable by investing in any of the items listed in First Christmas in Our New Home tree ornaments.

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