Department 56 Snow Village Christmas Setting

Create a Department 56 Snow Village Christmas display

Department 56 Snow Village Christmas houses and figurines are the ideal choice for those who want to create a Christmas village display. They are among those I enjoy the most. How beautiful are those delicately and greatly crafted houses. The beauty of these collectibles is that you can build a village to show off in the house or give individual houses or characters to your loved ones.

department56 christmas snow village and displays

Department 56 has several collections of holiday related villages:

  • The Original Snow Village that comes with exquisite Christmas houses ;
  • The North Pole collection that provides you with a lot of yummy candy looking houses ;
  • The Dickens Village that features Dickens’ tale ;
  • The Mickey Mouse collection that includes Mickey and friends’ winter houses;
  • And more.

With the Christmas collection, and particularly the Original Snow Village, you’ll be on your way to create an extraordinary Christmas display in the home. Do you enjoy watching the village lights and characters? Then you can even tell some fairy Christmas tales that take place in those lovely Christmas village displays.
Department 56 Snow Village The Snowman House

Department 56 Snow Village – The Snowman House

I live in Snow Village, a small village in an area nobody never visited. My house is the one with many snowmen displayed all around it and our street is called “Christmas Street”. We’re on December 24th in the morning an da stressing and challenging day has began.

The kids are sleeping, dear hubby is preparing their breakfast while I go out, shopping for Christmas Eve and Day as well as make sure everything’s ready for the fairest celebration of the year.

So, I’m now leaving the house and will cross the village to get the goods I need and take an eye to the preparations of this important night.

The 9.5″ x 8.25″ x 7.5″ Department 56 Snowman House is a ceramic house which is lighted and decorated with Christmas symbols such as evergreen and snowmen. It also proudly shows a “Let It Snow” on its roof.

Department 56 Original Snow Village Red Cup Café Lit House

A warm cup coffee early morning

Still early in the morning, I’m tired and it’s hard to keep my eyes open but as you know, I’m challenged today as I have to put the finishing touches to the preparation of our family Christmas eve.

Today, I’ll walk Snow Village to get the goods we need to prepare the dinner, the last decorating items, etc. On my way, I’ll surely meet some neighbours and will talk with them; which will make me waste time but I love my neighbours so much.

So, before going on further on my journey, I’m going to get a take-away cup coffee from the Red Cup Cafe.

Department 56 lit porcelain house “Red Cup Cafe” comes with lightcord and approximately measures 6.25″ x 4.75″ x 5.75″.

Department 56 The Original Snow Village Annual

Make sure family has arrived at the local Inn

Uncle Bob (he’s mom’s brother) and Aunt Annie came from their Loon Lake Cabin located in Snow Forest and booked a few days at the Eden Prairie Inn, the local hotel.

I’m going to make sure they’re arrived as they’re supposed to join us tonight for the Christmas dinner. Oh! Just see them arriving at the hotel!

The 7″ x 7 3/4″ x 9 1/2″ Eden Prairie Inn is a new house in the Department 56 Snow Village collection. It’s made out of porcelain and includes light cord and light bulbs. It comes with a set of 4″ x 2.5″ x 3.25″ characters. It is recommended to pre-order them right now as they sell out quickly.

Department 56 Snow Village Marjories Blue Ribbon Goods

The village’s bakery produces delightful pastries and other sweets

I ordered some sweets from Marjorie’s bakery: a chocolate yule log, cookies, a plum pudding and fresh baked bread for the dinner.

Can you feel the delightful smell of Marjorie’s excellent pastries and breads yet?

Indeed, can you imagine a Christmas without cookies hot from the oven or a delicious plum pudding or else, if you live in Continental Europe, a chocolate flavoured yule log as Christmas dessert?

The exquisite 11.5×7.75×6.75″ bakery which owner, Marjorie, got awarded a blue ribbon for her baking skills is a house that should be included in any Christmas village.

As you can see, noone could do without a baker and a bakery shop.

Department 56 Snow Village Northgate School

Snow Village – Northgate School

As I did myself in my childhood, my kids go to Northgate School.

The school is located in the Northern part of Snow Village, near the gate which allows us to leave the village and drive to the big town 100 miles away.

I’m going to bring some gifts to my kids teachers to show them gratitude for teaching my children the story of our country and our traditions.

Any decent village or town has a school and so, Department 56 Snow Village does have their own 11.5″ x 7.75″ x 6.75″ school; which is the Northgate School.

This superb lighted school is made out of porcelain and fits with the “Gifts for the Teacher” accessory.

Department 56 Original Snow Village Miniature Lit Building, Nutcracker Playhouse

The Nutcracker House

Guess what! Main Street’s local theatre is playing Nutcracker. We planned to attend it tomorrow night with the whole family. As you probably know what Nutracker is all about, there’s no need to make an account of this marvelous show and I’m pretty sure you already appreciated such a perfomance.

The Opera House is beautifully decorated with Christmas wreaths and garlands and we can see a big Nutcracker on the porch. Isn’t it a wonderful building?

The 10″ x 6.5″ x 8.25″ Nutcracker Playhouse is a ceramic lit house made by Department 56 and is part of the Original Snow Collection. Comes with lightcord.

Department 56 Snow Village Sitting In The Village

People sitting in the village

Arriving at Main Square, this is the place every inhabitant of Snow Village use to gather, no matter the season.

The square includes a small park where kids enjoy to build snowmen in wintertime, old persons sit on the banks and talk to each others. In the spring and the summer, everyone loves to look at and feed the ducks and swans.

I will take five minutes on my programme to talk to those old ladies sitting on the left bank. They’re my grandmother’s best friends and wouldn’t be happy if I wouldn’t spend some time to say hello!

Sitting in the Village is a set of 3 banks on which figurines are sitting. There are 6 figurines in total, all made out of bisque porcelain. Figurines can be used to sit on other types of seats.

Department 56 Snow Village Shelly’s Diner

Having lunch at the fifties styled diner

I’m seeing Shelly’s Diner flashing light sign which lets me know that the diner is open and realize that I’m hungry: I didn’t eat anything in hours! I’m going to have a bite right now.

But, what do I see? Hubby is there eating with the kids! I will join them so that we can have a meal all together.

I love that 1950 looking diner, what about you?

Revive the nostalgia of those golden years with Department 56 lighted 10.25″ x 6.25″ x 4.5″ Shelly’s Diner, made out of ceramic porcelain, that features a 1950 diner with a 3D scene that you can see through the window. This is a 2 piece set. Adapter included.

Department 56 Snow Village Dancing Lights House

Dancing Lights House

One of the most fantastic Christmas decorated house in Main Street is the one of Mr and Mrs Phelps. It’s called “Dancing Lights House” because it consists in flash lights which are synchronized with the fairy tune “Deck the Halls”.

The Phelps are smart persons and come up with a new idea to decorate their house on Christmas each year; which brings joy and fun to our nice cold snowy village.

Oh, did I tell you that Mr and Mrs Phelps are my parents?

How much do you enjoy those Christmas carolers who walk from home to home, singing Christmas chants? Is there a better way to bring life to your Dept 56 Christmas village than by bringing the Dancing Lights House to your collection?

The Dancing Lights House is a 9.5x9x7.25″ miniature house that plays “Deck the Halls” Christmas music and has flash lights which are synchronized with this fairy tune. The house goes very well with “Tour Tickets Here” accessory.

Department 56 Snow Village Sam’s Butcher Shop

Picking the turkey and meatballs at Sam’s

On my way to the butcher shop now. I pre-ordered a goose and a piece of roastbeef.

Tonight, we’ll have a goose for dinner and tomorrow we’ll have roastbeef for Christmas lunch.

I wanted to plan a brunch for Christmas Day but grandma would like to sleep late tomorrow morning and Uncle Bob and Aunt Annie want to profit from the special Christmas breakfast offered by the Eden Prairie Inn.

So, my parents will come at home to get their breakfast; this will ease the rest of the day as they’ll be hosting Christmas lunch.

Department 56 Sam’s Butcher Shop is a 6.75″ x 6.5″ x 7″ ceramic house which windows are made out of clear acetate.

Department 56 Snow Village Rose’s Flower Shop

Getting some flowers and plants at Rose’s shop

What did I do with my list? Quick, quick! I need my list as I just arrive at Rose’s Flower Shop! Ah, just found it! What do I need… Hm… well, three dozens red roses ; three pots Christmas roses ; three poinsettias and er… hm… strawberry plants? Oh no, this is a mistake!

What am I going to do withthese flowers? Well, poinsettias and Christmas roses will be given to the ladies and the red roses will be used to decorate the rooms where the Christmas dinner will be held.

Department 56 Rose’s Flower Shop is a 6″ x 5.75″ x 9″ hand-painted ceramic lighted building; comes with power chord. The building matches the accessory “I hope she likes them”.

Department 56 Original Snow Village Tom’s Foods Lit House

Shopping for holiday food at Tom’s

Now it’s Tom’s Foods’ turn! Once again, I made a list with the products I need. This time, it’s grocery stuff I have to get. I pre-ordered a few things but sometimes we can get last minute seasonal items. Crossing my fingers!

So, I need tomatoes, grated emmenthal or Gruyere (I prepare some chief’s Shrimps for tonight’s starters). I also need green beans, potatoes, garlic and creme fraiche (to make a Gratin Dauphinois to be served along with the goose) and hm… well, let’s say that I need some additional vegetables for tomorrow’s lunch.

See! They just got champagne and caviar – I’m going to get some for the appetizers tonight. Well, I think I’ve got everything now I can get back home, take a bath, relax a few hours before Christmas Eve.

The Department 56 brick corner grocery is a lit house made out of ceramic and that comes with lightcord. Size of the house: 5.5″ x 6″ x 9″.

Department 56 Christmas Lane Series Animated Snow Village, Santa’s Wonderland House

Picking toys and gifts at Santa’s

So, I told you that I live in Christmas Snow Village but I think I forgot to say that Santa Claus lives in the our village. Here’s Santa’s wonderful house, brightly lit for Christmas night.

The train is just coming back from Santa’s toy manufacture and is filled with many fantastic toys the kids will enjoy to discover tomorrow morning.

As you can see, Santa already prepared a large bag filled with toys for wise kids to get this night. Rudolph the Red-Noised Reindeer is waiting for tonights travel around the world.

Saying hello to Santa and back home to prepare the evening gathering.

Department 56 Snow Village Santa’s Wonderland house is a 14″ x 11.5″ x 8.5″ hand-painted ceramic house featuring realistic brick siding. The house is lit. The train, track, reindeer and sisal trees are included in the set.

Department 56 Original Snow Village Christmas At Grandma’s Lit House

Celebrating Christmas Eve at Grandma’s house

The big night arrived!

We enter grandma’s house and we bring all the dishes to the kitchen – we prepared the dinner so that grandma doesn’t have too much work to do as she’s quite old!

What’s on tonight’s menu?

As said earlier, we’ll start this Christmas dinner with some champagne and caviar, then we’ll have a delicious pumpkin soup that Grandma prepared for us. As starter we’ll eat shrimps in some tomato and cheese sauce with toasted bread. Dinner is goose with vegetables and Gratin Dauphinois. As for the dessert we’ll have two options: a chocolate yule log or plum pudding.

Christmas at Grandma’s House is a Department 56 lit house made out of porcelain and decorated in the inside with scenes that include Christmas wreaths and garlands.

Measures 7.25″ x 6.25″ x 8.5″.

Department 56 Snow Village Our Lady Of Grace Church

Heading to the church for the Midnight Mass

It’s 10 PM on Christmas Eve and we’re on our way to attend the Christmas Mass at Our Lady Of Grace Church. Father John is reading the Gospel while scouts are featuring the Nativity scene in the church.

Snow Village’s choir is going to sing Silent Night, then O Little Town of Bethlehem and we’ll all end up singing Christmas songs and carols.

After the Mass we’ll all get back to grandma’s house to eat the dessert.

This amazing 7 3/4″ x 10″ x 11 3/4″ miniature church is made out of porcelain and includes light cord so that the lighted church brings a touch of realism to your village.

Dept 56 Our Lady Of Grace Church is made out of ceramic and is hand-painted, while its coloured windows are hand-cut. This amazingly beautiful piece of art fits with “Making Luminaries” accessory.

2014 Snow Village Christmas collectibles

Each and every year, like clockwork, Department 56 releases new collectibles in all their collections. As an example, you will find the Griswold Family 2014 items that were released in May. Click here to check those items (they’re part of another article on our site). Other new additions include Coca Cola houses and figures along with more traditional buildings. All these figures and building will enable you to tell even more fairy stories tonight.

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Happy Christmas!

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