How to Make A Snowflake Ornament Without Snow

Making snowflake decorations

Yes you can make a snowflake ornament without snow! And, by the way make your now pretty Christmas tree look better.

Do you want to put snowflake ornaments on to your Christmas tree but you do not have the money to buy the ready made ones? What if you will make your own snowflake ornament? Do not worry it is very easy to make one.

If you have the following materials at home, then you are ready to make your pretty snowflake ornament.

Materials to make snowflake ornament

  • Cotton balls (if you do not have, then do not worry just use the regular cotton)
  • White colored toothpick or small thin sticks the same as the toothpick (just color the sticks white or silver)
  • White glue or clear glue with glitters
  • White yarn

How to make a snowflake ornament without snow

Red Heart E746.9600 Soft Baby Steps Yarn, Solid, WhiteIf you are using toothpicks or sticks that aren?t white, you need to paint it white or silver.

If you are using regular cotton not the cotton balls, then make a ball out of the cotton. Be sure the ball is soft to touch, avoid making the ball hard to conserve cotton use.

Cut four toothpicks into half. Make sure that you equally cut the four tooth picks.

Hardened one cotton ball then glue the toothpicks or sticks in a radial pattern. Be sure it is well glued and let it dry.

You will notice that the sticks are formed like star, now put glue on the toothpick or stick then stick on the soft cotton ball. Do the same to the rest of the toothpicks or sticks. Let it dry.

Tie a piece of yarn carefully onto one stick with the soft cotton on it. Support it using glue.

Very important tips to consider:

  1. Make it a point that if you are not using non white toothpicks or sticks, the entire surface is painted white.
  2. Do not push to hard the sticks into the center cotton balls to prevent the stick from breaking.
  3. Make sure that the glued cotton balls will not stick on the surface where you are making your snowflake ornament.
  4. Be very patient because this is a very delicate procedure.
  5. Do not hang the snowflake ornament on the Christmas tree, not until you are sure the glue is dry. This is to make sure that the glued can hold the weight of your snowflake ornament.

Now, you are ready to decorate your home made Christmas snowflake ornament.

Good luck and enjoy your Christmas snowflake ornament.

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